Some men just want to watch the world burn. — Alfred Pennyworth

Did you knew that the late Heath Ledger acted on The Dark Knight? Because honestly, I never saw him in the movie. As writer/director/fanboy Kevin Smith said, the actor completely disapeared behind the Joker character.

Every line of dialog, every gesture, everything from this character just left me breathless! Impressive!

And, although I considered not to include any comic-based film on my At the Movies series, I thought this one deserved a chance. So here's my latest artwork, based on one of the most cynical scenes of the Joker, applauding in jail at Gordon's promotion.

This is also a modest homage to one of Hollywood's finest actors in one of the most memorable performances of the decade.

In case you want a printed poster of this illustration, just let me know it and I'll even give you a desktop wallpaper for free!

In the meantime, make your comments and tell me your thoughts on this illustration.

When you have insomnia, you're never really asleep… and you're never really awake. — The Narrator

The first time I saw this movie, was with a couple of friends from College. We left the movie theater in shock! A great reflexion of today's consumer-driven society.

Fight Club was an incredibly well done movie. One of the things that caught my eye the most was that pseudo-love triangle between Tyler Durden, Marla Singer and the Narrator. Or, to put it in Edward Norton's memorable description: Marla... the little scratch on the roof of your mouth that would heal if only you could stop tonguing it, but you can't.

That scene inspired me to do this illustration, wich I enjoyed drawing.

So what are your thoughts of it? Please contact me if you're interested in a printed poster!

That woman deserves her revenge and we… deserve to die. — Budd

So, this was my first illustration from the At the Movies series. Definitely one of my favorites films.

Obviously, this piece of art references the Vol.1, If I come with an interesting concept, I'll do a poster from the Vol.2 – perhaps Beatrix Kiddo vs. Elle Driver, or even vs. Bill himself! I don't know yet, for now, I have this one that I like a lot!

How do you like it? Would you like to have this hanging on your favorite wall? Believe me it will look impressive! Contact me if you're interested in a printed poster.

And here... we... go!

Hi, welcome to the Art of Ram blog, where I'll be exposing some of my artwork, paintings and illustration.

I'm starting this blog with a series of illustrations called "At the movies". The concept behind this series is to create a stylized movie poster of some of the films that have caught my eye through the years. Please feel free to comment what you think of each illustration.

I've been thinking also of selling posters of my work so, if you think it's worth it (or even want to buy one!) then let me know.